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announces the auditions for


Trail To Oregon

Coming this June to Spotlight...
A story of family.
A story of American perseverance.
A story of lobsters.

Originally written and produced by Team Starkid (of "A Very Potter Musical" fame), this fun and edumacational interactive musical comedy follows a pioneer family (named by the audience!) as they try to make a new life for themselves on the Oregon Trail.


  • May 13 7:30-9:30 PM
  • May 14 7-9 PM
  • If you cannot make it to these times and would still like to audition, please contact us at


Spotlight Studios for the Performing Arts, 3 Railroad St, Fairport, NY 14450



  • One round of singing auditions
  • One round of acting auditions
  • One round of cold reads (lines provided at auditions)
  • POTENTIAL round of improv (time permitted)

CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS: -FATHER. Leader of the Wagon Party who, throughout the show, will have to learn to face and accept responsibility for his own faults. High rock tenor voice needed, with a strong falsetto.

-MOTHER. She loves her children... though it's often hard for her to show it. Has to straddle the line between discipline and nurture, especially in this trying time in her family's life.

-DAUGHTER. A rebellious teenager. Fights constantly with her family, though deep down she loves them. Unsure of what she wants, she ends up riding away with the outlaw MCDOON.

-SON. The family's youngest child. Has a natural curiosity to explore the world around him and an unnatural curiosity about skinny dipping. Deadpan comedic ability required.

-GRAMPA. The oldest member of the party, he is living proof that not everyone ages gracefully. Out of his mind and waiting for his turn to die, he is often unpredictable and can snap at a moments notice- ESPECIALLY if you mention his ex-wife and/or a lobster named Cornwallis. Strong falsetto preferred.

-MCDOON. The Bandit King. Rides the Oregon Trail in search of some "old-fashioned lovin'". So macho that it becomes almost pathetic.

-ENSEMBLE. One actor who plays literally everyone else in the show. Requires strong character choices, strong improv skills, and extreme endurance. This role is the theatrical equivalent of running a marathon.


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