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Private Instruction

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Semi-Private Instruction

Voice Instruction

At Spotlight, voice lessons are much more than technique and vocalization. The goal is tailored instructionwith tangible results; whether it is singing "just for fun," audition preparation, or advanced Musical Theatre. We emphasize a natural, healthy method of singing. This method of singing is useful for Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Cabaret and Blues.

Drama Instruction

Private drama lessons can be tailored to meet any student's needs, beginner or advanced. While developing a monologue, beginning students will learn the basics of character development and stage movement. The advanced students will cover topics such as: vocal, physical and psychological capacities of character, stage movement, improvisation, stage fright, text interpretation and character analysis.

Dance Instruction

Whether you need extra help with a dance routine, preparation for Musical Theatre auditions or advanced work, the instructors at Spotlight can customize a private lesson dance program to meet your needs. Instructors use Broadway and Popular music to teach basic tools of rhythm, weight changes, foot articulation, shuffles, flaps and basic time steps common to all styles of dance.

Piano Instruction

Piano lessons can be geared toward any skill level, even beginners. The ability to play piano introduces students to either a lifetime hobby or a possible career. It also is a gateway into any other instrument as it lays down the foundation of musical understanding and theory. Styles covered to suit the student.

Ukulele Instruction

Learn Ukulele using any style of music the student is interested in, including popular modern songs. We can help you find the right ukulele!

Semi-Private Instruction

If the thought of private instruction scares you, any of our "privates" can be made into small group classes. Contact the studio at 305-4767 or for details.

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