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Theatre In A Day


Spotlight Studios announces an exciting October Break event!

An entire evening of original one act plays written, cast and rehearsed in 24 hours!

Theatre-in-a-Day, Saturday October 8 through Sunday October 9.

A 24 hour theatre experience for performers in grades 8-12.

Down the registration form here.

An entire original evening of one acts will be written, rehearsed and performed in just 24 hours!

Theatre-in-a-Day starts at 7pm on Saturday October 8 at Spotlight. It ends at 7pm on Sunday October 9 when the performance starts. Participants are expected to stay the entire time... which means bringing sleeping bags :-).


7pm: All participants arrive at Spotlight, play warmup games and such
8pm: The authors or author-teams (all teens) will begin to write, with the help of the other performers.
At some point: everyone sleeps.
7am: The authors hand in what they have, in whatever state it happens to be in. The directors (teens) are woken up and given an hour to read through the scripts and figure out casting.
8am: The actors are woken up and start rehearsing.
7pm: The show opens, in whatever state it happens to be in!

If you are interested in registering for this event, please contact John at Spotlight at 585-305-4767 or We're looking for authors, performers and directors in grades 8-12.

The cost to participate in this event is $125. Down the registration form here.

Theatre-in-A-Day will take place at Spotlight Studios, 3 Railroad St in Fairport.

Spotlight Studios for the Performing Arts • 3 Railroad St, Fairport, NY • Email: • Phone: 585-305-4767