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announces the auditions for


dont u luv me - by Linda Daugherty


  • Monday September 10, 6-8pm
  • Friday September 14, 6-8pm
  • Saturday September 15, 3-5pm
WHERE: At Spotlight Studios, 3 Railroad Street in Fairport
WHO: For Young Performers age 12-18

You should only attend ONE audition date. If you are unable to attend any audition dates, contact the director at to set up an alternate audition.

Please note: Auditions for "Dracula", "dont u luv me?" and "It's A Wonderful Life" are all being done at these sessions. You can audition for any of these productions at the audition.


November 9 and 10 at Spotlight Studios for the Performing Arts in Fairport


  • Completed Audition Form and Conflicts Sheet (download below)
  • A headshot or school picture, which will not be returned
  • A resume, if available


Choose a scene from the audition packet (link above) to perform at the audition.


Refer to the audition form for a complete list of potential rehearsals. Please note you will NOT be called for every listed rehearsal - a more detailed schedule will be distributed after casting takes place. Cast members must attend all Mandatory Rehearsals.

There is NO cost for this production. Those interested must audition to be in this production.


585-305-4767 (leave a message and your call will be returned) or email

Hope to see you at the audition!


All auditions, rehearsals and performances take place at:
Spotlight Studios of Fairport
3 Railroad Street
Fairport, NY 14450

Please pay attention to posted "No Parking" signs.


Angela has a new boyfriend. C.J.'s romantic, amazingly handsome, and a senior. He sends her flowers. He texts her day and night. Angela's swept off her feet, but her best friend, Jen, is troubled by changes she sees in Angela. At homecoming, Angela shares a dance with her pal Duffy. When C.J., overcome with jealousy, grabs Angela's arm and roughly pulls her across the dance floor, she runs from the dance, hurt and humiliated. C.J. sends a text message asking for Angela's forgiveness, and the relationship continues. But C.J.'s controlling behavior causes Angela's girlfriends to exclude her from their lives. Pressured by C.J. to be constantly with him, Angela begins to lie to her mother about her whereabouts and quickly finds herself in over her head. Using e-mail, texting, his cellphone, and an intimate photo of Angela, C.J. exerts his control, further isolating Angela from her family and friends as the relationship spirals dangerously downward. Hope replaces despair when, at Jen's urging, Angela finally reaches out to her parents. This well-researched and thought-provoking play explores the hidden world of aggression and violence in teen dating while encouraging young people to make choices that result in healthy relationships.


Characters (4m, 5f)
Angela an innocent young sophomore who has a new boyfriend.
Jen Angela's best friend.
Candice one of Angela's friends.
Erika one of Angela's friends.
Sara one of Angela's friends.
C.J. Angela's new boyfriend. A senior. He is very controlling.
Sam Jen's supportive and caring boyfriend.
Duffy a good friend of Angela's
Brad one of C.J.'s friends


Spotlight Studios for the Performing Arts • 3 Railroad St, Fairport, NY • Email: • Phone: 585-305-4767